Car Rig

Well as some of you might know over the past few months I have been getting together all the equipment to make a car rig to do moving shots. To do this instead of spending masses of money I looked through forums and found alot of help on the Talk Photography Forum. So after researching I went about building it and tried steel but it was too heavy and wasnt going to work so managed to get some aluminium at the right price and went about building it.

(sorry for picture quality they are took on my phone)


So after I got it all together I decided to start off with a 4m rig, which i am now extending to upto 6m for longer cars, and then I went about doing the testing and for the 1st attempts I used my car for safety and then a friend’s E30

001 eit
012 copy

I was very happy with the results so met up with Sam with Passat B6 and Matt (from Matt Media) with his Golf R32 and went about doing some more shots and experiment more and these are the results

087 copy
071 edit copy

Big thanks to Jack for helping me build, and Adam, Sam and Matt for letting me do test shots on their cars.

And here is a little behind the scenes shot from Matt Media

IMG_0122-2 copy
IMG_0123-2 copy

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